3 Summer Roof Maintenance Tips From a Complete Roofing Company

Staying on Top of Your Roof Care This Summer

If you think you only need to perform roof maintenance in the winter, it’s probably time to check your roof for damage. It’s easy to feel relieved once the winter passes. Most roof damage occurs due to ice dams in the winter, but did you know that summertime can bring some severe and potentially damaging effects as well? Ensure you stay on top of essential roof maintenance during all seasons with these 3 summer roof maintenance tips from a complete roofing company!

Inspecting Safely

First, gear up for safety. Ensure you wear grippy shoes and protective clothing if you fall. Bring someone with you to hold your ladder and to help in case you fall and need assistance. It would help if you also were sure your ladder is solid and steady, regardless of whether or not you’ve got someone holding it.

Keep Up with Gutters

Next up: your gutters. Even if you watch them spew rain during thunderstorms, you should constantly check for clutter to ensure they operate as effectively as possible. Harsh weather can loosen gutters, creating cracks around your house, and leading to leakage and flooding. Walk around the house and tighten all your gutter’s bolts, realigning them as necessary. Next, get up in there and clean them out well. Make sure to clean roof drains and downspouts, too. Get all the sticks, leaves, and other debris out of there that could lead to a roof leak.

Tree Limbs

Big trees are fantastic to have around the property. They create a ton of shade, look gorgeous on the lawn or backyard, and bring chirping birds to your home. They can also be dangerous. It will help if you cut limbs that hang over your roof to prevent them from possibly breaking and creating significant damage. It’s hard to assess tree limb health independently, so it’s best to nip the problem in the bud and keep overhanging limbs off your roof.

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